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We are a leading provider of fireplace and chimney services in the Greater Los Angeles area, specializing in installations, repairs, and maintenance.

After 15+ years of dedicated service to our customers, we have gained valuable experience that enables us to provide outstanding construction, repair, and troubleshooting services.

What Services do we Provide?

Hello, I’m Anthony Hopkins

” I am the founder and owner of So Cal Chimney Services, which I established in 2008. I have been in the chimney business for about 27 years now. The experience and skills I have acquired over those years make my business unique. “

We are a family-owned and- operated chimney business in the great Los Angeles area! 

Here are the main points about your fireplace that you should know:

    • Ash pit – a cellar under the fireplace grate where ashes collect. It’s accessed through a clean-out door in the basement or on the outside of the chimney.
    • Ash pit cover – a grate in the floor of the firebox that allows ashes, but not wood, to fall into the ash pit below.
    • Chimney – an architectural structure made of masonry, stone, or brick that channels the exhaust gases and smoke produced by the fire out of the home.
    • Crown – the top of the chimney.
    • A Damper – a mobile covering in the throat of the chimney that separates the firebox from the flue. In the closed position, it prevents cold outside air from coming into the home.
    • Firebox – the cavity where the fire burns.
    • Flue – a duct or liner made of terracotta clay or stainless-steel pipes that runs through the chimney.
    • Foundation – a concrete pad under the house that supports the weight of the fireplace and chimney.
    • Hearth – the floor of a fireplace.
    • Hearth extension – is the extension that protrudes into the room.
    • Lintel – The horizontal architectural member that supports the weight of the chimney.
    • A Mantel – a shelf that hangs over the top of the fireplace opening. If the mantel surrounds the entire opening of the fireplace, the vertical sides are called pilasters or legs, with plinths at the bottom. The shelf brackets are corbels.
    • Smoke chamber – the area that connects the firebox and the flue. The bottom of this chamber is called the “smoke shelf.” It blocks rain or soot from dropping into the fire and helps to prevent downdrafts.
    • A Spark arrester – a metal screen that covers the top of the flue to prevent burning ash from escaping.
    • Throat – a narrow passageway between the firebox and the smoke chamber.
parts of a fireplace and chimney- what are the parts of a fireplace called

So Cal Chimney Services is now offering Chimney Camera Inspections!

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We can also help you remedy the issues you may be having with your chimney.
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Kitty B

SoCal Chimney is the best company you could possibly find for your repair and rebuilding needs. There are plenty of companies that will give a line and cheaper price, as happened with me, and guess who has to come fix it? SoCal has saved me grief in selling and buying property, and I'd never go to anyone else. Call Tony first, or you'll end up calling him later anyway!

R.S. Los Angeles

Just had to share how great it was to have a fireplace that actually works! You did a fabulous job figuring out what the problems were with our beautifully built but horribly designed old fireplace and chimney. I was impressed with how neat, clean and concise the whole operation was completed. Thank you.

Shane Imburgia

I have been recommending Tony Hopkins for quite a few years now. I have yet to hear a complaint or dissatisfied client to date, which is very important to me as an independent inspector. ​ I have total confidence that Tony will get the job done right the first time so that if or when I return on a re-inspection and have total certainty that my clients have been cared for. I highly recommend his services and professionalism to any of my clientele.

L.B., Sunland

My fireplace is my only source of heat. It is a blessing to have someone so knowledgeable and conscientious, as Tony is, in charge of something so important to me. Thank you Tony for your impeccable work and continued great service.

Corte Madera

[W]ith flues closed and no cap on the top of the chimney, a critter had become lodged in our fireplace. [Tony] and his colleague came out and after about an hour and a half and a lot of work, they rescued a little mourning dove that had gotten stuck... We ended up paying $125 for this, when every other place I called, like Dewey Pest Control, said animal removal from a fireplace started at $175. Tony is a really fair guy who TOTALLY knows what he is doing. He is 100% professional and has tremendous integrity. His colleague, who was the one to get the bird out, was so kind with the poor bird and they helped me get a little cage prepared for it, staying longer than necessary to do this. I recommend So. Cal. Chimney Service as highly as possible!

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what are the parts of a fireplace called
A fireplace is a constructed or enclosed area within a home or building designed primarily for containing and controlling a controlled open fire for heating, ambiance, or cooking. It typically consists of a firebox, which is the enclosed space where the fire burns, and a chimney or flue system that directs smoke and gases outside. Fireplaces can be made from various materials, such as brick, stone, metal, or even modern alternatives like electric or gas units. They have historically served as a central gathering point in homes, providing warmth, a focal point for decor, and a sense of comfort and relaxation. While the primary purpose of fireplaces has shifted from practical heating to aesthetic and recreational uses in many cases, they remain a symbol of cozy living and architectural charm.