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SoCal Chimney Services can help you remedy the issues with your chimney. We are a family-owned and operated business that provides chimney installation & repair services in a safe and functioning manner.

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    Hello, I am Anthony Hopkins, I am the founder and owner of SoCal Chimney Services, which I established back in 2008. I have been in the chimney business about 27 years now. The experience and skills I have acquired over those years, is what makes my business unique.

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    We offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your chimney and fireplace are in optimal condition. Our expert team specializes in chimney and fireplace repairs, thorough chimney inspections, and professional chimney installation. We also provide custom chimney caps tailored to your specific needs, masonry chimney services for structural integrity, and the installation of chimney liners for increased safety and efficiency. Additionally, we are skilled in working with both prefabricated and retrofit chimneys, ensuring we can cater to all types of chimney systems.

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    One of the prime chimney companies for installations, repairs and service providers, across the Greater Los Angeles area.

    With the experience of the last 14 years of dedicated service to our customers, we have been able to provide exceptional construction, repairs and trouble shooting services


    With over 27 years of experience, we are able to provide our clients with a variety of services, chimney repairs, trouble shooting, inspections and installations.

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    Is your chimney not functioning at its best? Don't worry we can help you remedy the issues you are having with your chimney.

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    Just had to share how great it was to have a fireplace that actually works! You did a fabulous job figuring out what the problems were with our beautifully built but horribly designed old fireplace and chimney. I was impressed with how neat, clean and concise the whole operation was completed. Thank you.
    R.S. Los Angeles
    I have been recommending Tony Hopkins for quite a few years now. I have yet to hear a complaint or dissatisfied client to date, which is very important to me as an independent inspector. I have total confidence that Tony will get the job done right the first time so that if or when I return on a re-inspection and have total certainty that my clients have been cared for. I highly recommend his services and professionalism to any of my clientele.
    Shane Imburgia
    SoCal Chimney is the best company you could possibly find for your repair and rebuilding needs. There are plenty of companies that will give a line and cheaper price, as happened with me, and guess who has to come fix it? SoCal has saved me grief in selling and buying property, and I'd never go to anyone else. Call Tony first, or you'll end up calling him later anyway!
    Kitty B


    A fireplace is a safe place for a fire, lit to give off light and heat. Generally made of brick or stone, a fireplace includes a firebox to contain the fire. A chimney is designed to channel smoke and toxic gas out of the space, and several other key elements.